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4: Neutral Insights

4: Neutral Insights

Chelsea Castle 2 min

Use case:

Follow up, LinkedIn DMs, nurture or re-engagement

How to use it:

  1. Reference a third-party resource: Bring a trusted, third-party publication to the discussion. Share the piece you want your reader to see, and show that you’re being neutral. Do not use your company’s blog or other branded resources.
  2. Explain why they should read it: Reuse your context for reaching out and start a conversation with this question.
  3. Explain why you’re sharing it: Tie your “why” to your understanding of their situation and their business needs, wants, and goals.
  4. Optional: Make a soft ask and nod back to the original CTA or, ideally, CTC.


George, do you read Outreach’s blog?

Given you’re likely ramping reps, I thought you’d find it interesting.

The VP of Sales Dev at Segment wrote about how she scaled her team to a $3.2B acquisition.

They did it without using canned templates (and using Lavender!)

Check it out


P.S. Any thoughts on my last note?

Why this works:

Your reader knows you’re trying to sell something. Most people send their own branded content. However, your company’s content tends to be biased — at least, that’s your buyer’s perception.

By sending them a third-party resource, you’re breaking a pattern. You’re building trust on common, neutral ground. This approach creates a sense of safety. And it also keeps your reader engaged.

Sending relevant content that could help your reader builds connection as a trusted resource. And that’s a prerequisite for any next steps.

How to Use An Email Framework

Tailor each framework to its designated use cases for optimal effectiveness. Examples are provided for reference, but avoid copying them directly. They include light personalization to clarify the framework’s structure. Use the framework as the foundation for your email and add your relevant personalization.

Ensure your emails go beyond the provided examples by incorporating more personalization to resonate with the recipient. Focus on the underlying structure and instructions of the frameworks.

Make the framework your own, then test it with Lavender’s email grader. Our email coach will pinpoint areas that require improvement and provide guidance to optimize your email for a score of 90+. Achieving this score doubles your chances of receiving a reply.

Chelsea Castle 2 min

4: Neutral Insights

Referencing a third-party is a great way to follow-up, nurture, or re-engage. Here's how.

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