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6: The Clarification

6: The Clarification

Chelsea Castle 2 min

Use case: Follow up

How to use it:

Rephrase The Vanilla Ice Cream framework with these changes:

  1. Restate the context for why you’re reaching out
  2. Seek to clarify part 1: "What we do"
  3. Seek to clarify part 2: "Why that’s relevant”
  4. Call-to-conversation (CTC)


Hey George,

Given you’re growing the sales team, I thought coaching might be top of mind.

To clarify, we’ve built a sales email coach. Sits right inside their inbox.

High-growth teams like Twilio get great results (and peace of mind). Plus, you get a better sense of what reps are sending without hovering over their shoulder.

Think this could help your team?


Why it works:

This is another version of a Thoughtful Bump. It rephrases the original first-touch framework.

The added context gives you a shot to clarify exactly where your solution applies to their challenge. This email is not a place to feature dump. Instead, it’s an opportunity to explain how your solution fits into their life. It makes things concrete for the reader.

If an email is too focused on you or your company, it’s not a great cold email. But it’s a great follow-up email because you’ve already introduced the problem into their mind, and now you’re providing clarity on how you can give them a solution.

How to Use An Email Framework

Tailor each framework to its designated use cases for optimal effectiveness. Examples are provided for reference, but avoid copying them directly. They include light personalization to clarify the framework’s structure. Use the framework as the foundation for your email and add your relevant personalization.

Ensure your emails go beyond the provided examples by incorporating more personalization to resonate with the recipient. Focus on the underlying structure and instructions of the frameworks.

Make the framework your own, then test it with Lavender’s email grader. Our email coach will pinpoint areas that require improvement and provide guidance to optimize your email for a score of 90+. Achieving this score doubles your chances of receiving a reply.

Chelsea Castle 2 min

6: The Clarification

This follow-up framework is similar to the Thoughtful Bump framework, but focuses on clarifiying how your solution applies to your recipient's challenge.

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