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7: The Well-Researched Referral

7: The Well-Researched Referral

Chelsea Castle 2 min

Use case: Follow Up

How to use it:

  1. Start with who (namedrop early)
  2. Ask if they’re a better person for the topic
  3. Explain why they might be a better person.
  4. Explain why you reached out in the first place.


Hey Will,

Would Jen be a better person to talk to about this webinar?

Realize she manages community activity. Given the event is going to be all sellers, I thought you’d want the exposure.


Why it works:

When you haven’t heard back, or you receive a “not interested,” this framework can be a powerful tool. At this stage, you’re not selling; you’re soliciting. The key is to be well-researched. Otherwise, your reader will see right through it.

Do your research, and don’t just drop a name — have a reason for why this other person could be the better one to connect with. Example: Plug this new person’s experience, or mention the roles and responsibilities from their LinkedIn description.

You can also try this as a P.S. in your follow-up email. Our data shows that a P.S. on a personalized note can net 35% more replies.

Adding something like, “P.S. If this is something Jen is handling, I can reach out to her” can be an effective way to drive that referral forward.

Pro tip:

Don’t dump the same email on two people at the same company simultaneously. They are very likely to backchannel to each other. If they find you’re sending the same email to multiple people, they’re unlikely to respond positively.

This approach can also cause deliverability issues. You might get flagged for spamming or, if done too often, blacklisted.

How to Use An Email Framework

Tailor each framework to its designated use cases for optimal effectiveness. Examples are provided for reference, but avoid copying them directly. They include light personalization to clarify the framework’s structure. Use the framework as the foundation for your email and add your relevant personalization.

Ensure your emails go beyond the provided examples by incorporating more personalization to resonate with the recipient. Focus on the underlying structure and instructions of the frameworks.

Make the framework your own, then test it with Lavender’s email grader. Our email coach will pinpoint areas that require improvement and provide guidance to optimize your email for a score of 90+. Achieving this score doubles your chances of receiving a reply.

Chelsea Castle 2 min

7: The Well-Researched Referral

When you haven't received a reply, or you get a “not interested,” this framework can be a powerful tool.

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