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9: The Competitor

9: The Competitor

Chelsea Castle 2 min

Use case: First touch

How to use it:

  1. Acknowledge the competitor
  2. Ask if they’re happy with it
  3. Compliment the competitor
  4. Highlight the competitor’s shortcomings
  5. Open up a dialogue with a question related to #4


Hey Will,

Saw you’re using Drift for chat. How are you liking it?

I know their product is killer for lead gen. However, most of their customers switch to us because they need more functionality for customer support.

Could you see chat playing a factor in reducing churn?

Why this works:

Discussing the competitor’s shortcomings helps reframe your reader’s point of view. Notice how the example’s second and third sentence reframes, establishes credibility, and creates a bridge to the next point. This can be an opportunity to get specific and build personalization.

You’re seeking to get a deeper understanding during the fifth step. If someone’s primary concern is the competitor’s strength, it’s hard to change their mind. You need to know more. This deeper understanding can also help you prioritize your time on deals.

While you should avoid badmouthing your competition, it can be useful to highlight your strengths.

Pro tip:

Tie the differences you highlight to your reader’s situation and problems.

How to Use An Email Framework

Tailor each framework to its designated use cases for optimal effectiveness. Examples are provided for reference, but avoid copying them directly. They include light personalization to clarify the framework’s structure. Use the framework as the foundation for your email and add your relevant personalization.

Ensure your emails go beyond the provided examples by incorporating more personalization to resonate with the recipient. Focus on the underlying structure and instructions of the frameworks.

Make the framework your own, then test it with Lavender’s email grader. Our email coach will pinpoint areas that require improvement and provide guidance to optimize your email for a score of 90+. Achieving this score doubles your chances of receiving a reply.

Chelsea Castle 2 min

9: The Competitor

This is a killer first-touch framework to discuss your competitor's shortcomings in a way that benefits you.

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