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12: The Founder Card

12: The Founder Card

Chelsea Castle 2 min

Use case:

Founder-led sales, Entering a new market, Launching a new product

How to use it:

  1. Start with a problem and a benign goal.
  2. State that you’re looking for feedback.
  3. Say what you do and establish credibility.
  4. Share what you want feedback on and make it clear that you want feedback from them.
  5. Open it up for conversation.


Will, is anything frustrating you with your email analytics?

I ask because I’m looking for feedback. I run Lavender. It’s a real-time sales email coach. We help sellers at orgs like Sendoso, Twilio, Clari, etc.

We’re currently building out cadence and personalization analytics. Given your track record between Looker and now MixPanel, I thought you’d have great feedback.

Are you open to sharing how we could build it to solve your problems?

Talk soon.

Why it works:

This framework can set you up to get feedback and find product market fit. People will likely give you helpful feedback if you’ve hit the mark with the problem.

This only works if you’re clear on why you want their feedback and think it can help them. You’re telling your reader you have influence in the company, and you can make the product fit their specific needs.

How to Use An Email Framework

Tailor each framework to its designated use cases for optimal effectiveness. Examples are provided for reference, but avoid copying them directly. They include light personalization to clarify the framework’s structure. Use the framework as the foundation for your email and add your relevant personalization.

Ensure your emails go beyond the provided examples by incorporating more personalization to resonate with the recipient. Focus on the underlying structure and instructions of the frameworks.

Make the framework your own, then test it with Lavender’s email grader. Our email coach will pinpoint areas that require improvement and provide guidance to optimize your email for a score of 90+. Achieving this score doubles your chances of receiving a reply.

Chelsea Castle 2 min

12: The Founder Card

Use this framework for driving founder-led sales, when you're entering a new market or launching a new product.

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