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You Are Now Entering LavenderLand

You Are Now Entering LavenderLand

Chelsea Castle 1 min

Welcome to LavenderLand.

It’s a place where you can binge, laugh, and learn. Heck, you might even cry.

(Just kidding. We hope we won’t make you cry — unless it’s tears of joy. In that case, crying is allowed.)

LavenderLand is our gift to you. It’s a free streaming service from Lavender. We’re an AI sales email coach dedicated to helping thousands of sellers worldwide write better emails faster.

We promise to serve you with content that is never fluffy and always tactical. If you aren’t having fun while learning, feel free to tell us to do better.

Here’s what you can expect:

Ask Allred

Will Allred answers real questions from real sellers with a little storytelling help from our Lavender Muppets. This series is a true merge of education and entertainment.

Jen vs. Will

Jen Allen-Knuth and Will Aitken battle it out in weekly sales challenges. See who wins eternal bragging rights. (And learn who’s actually the funniest … it’s unsurprisingly not Aitken.)

Pardon the Outbound

Guests from the world of B2B sales join Will Allred to break down emails that missed the mark. In this series, Will is also joined by Sam Schaut. The duo tear down emails from their inboxes and rewrite them according to Lavender data.

Lavender Frameworks

The ultimate collection of Lavender’s effective email frameworks, known for increasing reply rates and pipeline.

Lavender Joe

Get the full story of Lavender Joe, everyone’s favorite (worst) salesman.

And if you need help with email writing of your own and would like to be featured in one of our series, send your cold outbound to [email protected]

Chelsea Castle 1 min

You Are Now Entering LavenderLand

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