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Will Aitken 31 min

Sales Video Prospecting with Kevin Dorsey & Tyler Washington

Layering video on top of your emails, cold calls, and DMs can be an incredible pattern interrupt It allows you to use visuals, emotions, smile, let the prospect AND it's hard to automate well, so when done right prospects know it's for them So what's the best way to incorporate videos into your outbound sales? In this epic live we've invited two video masters Kevin 'KD' Dorsey and Tyler Washington to come chat through their approaches to video prospecting Hosted by Will Aitken a Vidyard Alumni We'll cover: - Where to use video in your outbound - Ideal video length - What to say in your videos - Common video mistakes - How to get your videos opened - Other use cases for videos in sales This one is going to be PACKED with value, see you there!


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