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Will Aitken & Sam McKenna 31 min

Sales Personalization with Sam McKenna - Stand Out & Book More Meetings

Automation has killed response rates, buyers have learned how to quickly spot lazy outreach and immediately hit one of the following buttons: - Delete - Report as spam - Block - Hang up - Remove connection So how do we overcome this? We do our HOMEWORK. We personalize our messaging so it's clear the message isn't just another email blast and touches on something that's relevant to the recipient. In this sesh we've got the Queen of 'Show Me You Know Me' #smykm Sam McKenna joining Will Aitken to talk through: - Why personalization is so important - Where you can research your buyers to find relevant info - How you can tie in observations into different outbound channels - Mistakes & pitfalls you have got to avoid if you want to be successful in this strategy


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