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Will Aitken 3 min

Ditch Empty Pleasantries in Your Cold Emails

'I hope this email finds you well' AKA. 'I hope this cold email finds you with budget and a burning need for the product I sell' Whilst kind in nature and you may actually wish they're well, don't say it, because buyers receive so many emails with this phrase in it, it's become meaningless to them. Often it acts as an indicator that an email isn't even worth reading. Instead respect their time and jump straight into why you're reaching out, no one will be mad because you didn't include a pleasantry in your cold email & email marketing. We promise the emails will perform better as a result. From a young age we were taught how to write these fancy letters with pleasantries and formal greetings but the problem is those practices have seeped into our cold email writing. Cut the fluff and get to the point, you and your buyers will be happier for it!


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